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The HSSV Fur Ball 2008
with lil' ol' me on NBC
April 5, 2008

BOL 2 pictures of me, attending the annual Humane Society of Silicon Valley Fur Ball made it onto our local NBC News website! I'm in their "Images in the News" slideshow section under the "5th Annual Humane Society Fur Ball" title.

Mom made me a new special costume just for the ocassion. It's my new "Pro-neuter" costume. It was lots of fun and all of the money went to a really great cause. The HSSV! Mom will be posting more pictures of the party very soon!

Mom wanted to make my costume say "Please Spay and Neuter" on both sides but it was really hard to cut all of those little letters out of felt so she just put my name really big on the other side. Here's a close-up picture mom took of me at the gala.

You can view more photos on his blog:

Kitai Pro Neuter Costume

Here are the two pictures that made it onto the news website! Woo Hoo!

Fur Ball 1
Fur Ball 2
Fur Ball 3
Fur Ball 4
Fur Ball 5
Fur Ball 6

The caption is kind of funny. Neither myself or my costume are affliated with the HSSV education department.



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