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I'm one of the finalists in's
World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show!
November 15, 2007

OMD mom entered me in 5 categories of the 3rd annual photo contest and was shocked to learn that my crazy tail picture was voted as one of the top 5 finalists in the "Crazy Tail" category! Now a panel of judges will choose one winner in each category while the site members and general public will vote for the Best In Show winner.

I think it's safe to say that my tail has no chance at being Best in Show. And I have some pretty tough competition in the tail category. One dog in particular has a very unusual tail. IMO it's more beautiful then crazy. It almost looks like a sculpture.

Win or lose mom says that it's just plain fun and quite an honor to have made it this far. I have to agree! And congratulations to the other 74 finalists.

Edited to add:
Well I didn't win my category. Like I said, I had some tough competition. But that's ok it was fun and exciting making the finals. My pal Daisy won for Naughtiest Dog and my pal Otis won for best Smiles & Grin!s So I'm happy. You can view all of the winners by CLICKING HERE

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