From Pound Puppy to Dog Costume Celebrity

Kitai's career as a Halloween Costume Model has helped to show the world that there are amazing dogs available at local animal shelters. All deserve a home and a life filled with love! Many will be put to sleep unless someone, maybe you, comes to save them. Even though he passed away two years ago the smiles and laughter he continues to create are priceless. Thank you for visting his website!

Kitai the Dog

(Prounounced: Key-tie)


A Rescue

Read about the amazing rescue
of six puppies from Kansas. The
story of the Kansas 6 pack shows
how complete strangers can unite
to make a difference!

CLICK HERE to Read More

Followed by the Rescue of their
brother Levi 10 months later!


RIP Kitai

From the blog post: A once in a lifetime dog. . . RIP Kitai
I sent you away on a Tuesday, Kitai. It was two days before spring, the sky was blue,
the breeze cool, and the sun shone brightly upon us as we spent our last day together.

Banana Slug
Banana Slug 2012
Segway Polo
Segway Polo Woz 2011
Sea Otter
Monterey Bay Sea Otter Costume 2010
The Dog Whisperer
The Dog Whisperer 2006
Chia Pet Dog Costume
Chia Pet 2009
Pupcorn Dog Costume
Pupcorn 2007
Mounds Bar Dog Costume
Sake Nigiri Sushi Dog Costume
Spider Bait Dog Costume
Mounds - Furballl 2008
Sake Nigiri - 2005
Spider Bait 2004

These are the kinds of dogs you can find at your local shelter. Click their images to go to their shelter website or page on if you are interested in learning more about adopting a shelter dog. How cute are they?
Santa Clara, CA
Merced, CA
Angel - Santa Clara, CA
Select "Dog" as pet type
East Bay, Nor CA
Sacramento, CA
East Bay, Nor CA
Diva - Columbus, OH
Peninsula, Nor CA
Los Banos, CA
San Mateo, CA
San Martin, CA
Browny - San Jose, CA
Select "Dogs"

Kitai was adopted from a open shelter
Northern California Pet Adoption Agencies

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, please tell them to check out the facilities high-lighted in blue first as they are kill shelters where animals that don't find homes fast enough are euthanized. Kitai came from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. His adoption fee included:

Spay/Neuter Surgery
Heath Exam (general health/behavior evaluation)
Initial Vaccinations (DHLPP/Dogs)
Canine Bordetella Vaccine (For most Dogs)
Rabies Vaccination
De-worming (animals under 4 months)
Adoption Counseling
Educational Resources (and post-adoption counseling)
A complimentary physical examination and 14-day follow-up care by any VCA Animal Hospital in Santa Clara County
Open Shelters (formerly known as "kill" shelters) These are shelters that are forced to euthanize when they run out of space. Many first attempt to transfer animals to another shelter or rescue. Please Report Neglected and Abused animals to the proper agencies listed below. You can be their voice, please don't stand by silently and watch them suffer.
Please contact me to list your shelter if it's not on the list.
South Bay
Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority | 408-764-0344 | visit the website - Please report abuse or neglect 408.764-0344
Serving Campbell, Monte Sereno and Santa Clara
Humane Society Silicon Valley  |  408.727.3383  |  visit the website
San Jose Animal Control  |  408.578.7297 Please report abuse or neglect ext. 1
San Jose Animal Care Center  |  408.578.7297  |  visit the website
San José residents and for residents of Cupertino, Los Gatos, Milpitas and Saratoga
Friends of the San Martin Shelter  |  408.683.4186  |  visit the website
East Bay
East Bay SPCA  |  Adoption: 510.569.0702 - Spay & Neuter Clinic 510.639.7387  | visit the website
Berkeley - East Bay Humane Society  (no kill) |  510.845.7735  |  visit the website
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA | 650.340.7022 | visit the website  -  Please report abuse or neglect ext.
San Francisco
San Francisco SPCA  |  415.554.3000  |  visit the website  - Please report abuse or neglect to: Animal Care & Control 415.554.6364
Sacramento SPCA  |  916.388.7387  |  visit the website  -  Please report abuse or neglect ext. 9127
Greater Bay Area
Virtual Pet Adoptions |  visit the website

Northern California Rescue Groups

There are dogs similar to these waiting to be adopted from a rescue.
(Well they were when I posted them here. Some may have already found their new forever homes.)


Below are Northern California "Rescue" groups. Rescues are usually run by kind-hearted people who volunteer to take animals (often from the kill shelters) into their own homes until a permanent home can be found. Often their adoption requirements are more stringent then a shelters. Just keep in mind that they want to insure that each dog they've rescued will find a suitable forever home. Don't be put off by their questions about your lifestyle and how you intend to keep a dog if they approve you for adoption. Many require a fenced yard, that the dog must be an indoor dog and that their dogs receive regular vetting including flea control and heartworm prevention.

Rescue is the way to go when you want more history on the dog, such as are they good with kids, cats, other dogs, their level of training, house breaking and much more. Many of these points will be unknown if you adopt a shelter dog. The best part is each time a rescue dog is adopted it allows the rescue to take another dog from a shelter that might otherwise have been put down.

Please contact us if you know of a rescue not listed below so that we can add them to the list.

Nike Animal Rescue Foundation visit the website
Pets in Need visit the website
Furry Friends Rescue visit the website
Rocket Dog Rescue visit the website
Hopalong Animal Rescue visit the website
Small Dog Rescue visit the website
The Milo Foundation visit the website
South Bay Purebred Dog Rescue visit the website
Tri Valley Animal Rescue visit the website

Please Spay and Neuter your pets.

If kept outside be sure they have adequate shelter from heat, sun, cold and rain.

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