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One of the main reasons dogs end up in shelters is because all too often people base their breed choice on "looks" instead of breed traits, characteristics and needs. Some purchase a dog with the best of intentions only to discover that the dog requires more exercise, expertise or attention then what they are willing or able to give it.

Talk to shelters, rescue workers, breeders, people at the park, friends, family, co-workers, read books, go online and research, research, research. Avoid getting a dog that will later be "too much" to handle. Cesar Millan says to "Choose a dog with an energy level equal to or lower then your own."

Be realistic and flexible. Keep in mind that traits are based on breed descriptions, but like people each dog is unique unto itself, therefore even a "purebred" dog may not exemplify the characteristic traits, needs, or temperament of any given breed.

If you choose the wrong dog for your lifestyle and personality, behavior and aggression issues are almost guaranteed to arise immediately or down the road.If you are experiencing any of these issues please consult a trainer or behaviorist at once. Neither of these problems should be ignored as one often leads to the other.

If you don't want to invest any time into training your dog don't get a large breed. Any behavior issues that result in aggression will always be more dangerous the larger the dog. This is a liability to you and even more so to your dog. More and more states are passing dangerous dog laws that could end up with your pet put to sleep if they ever bite and seriously injure a human or another dog or animal.

Ripley + Ball + Lake = Happiness
It's not rocket science people. It just takes a little common sense. If you are a couch potato or don't get out much don't get a large active breed. If you want to run marathons and expect your dog to keep up, don't get a toy breed.

Lucky taking a nap. How cute is she?

Major Factors to Consider


The average dog NEEDS a minimum of 2 walks per day that equal 1 hour of walking time, rain or shine, to stay mentally and physically fit.

Sufficient exercise helps dogs avoid boredom, which often leads to destructive behaviors like excessive barking, digging, and chewing

Are you willing to make the commitment to invest the time to ensure that your dog is a friendly canine citizen? A lack of socialization with both people and other dogs will lead to a potentially aggressive animal that must be kept separated from the rest of the world to ensure the safety of others.


1. The larger the dog the higher the increase in the cost of food, medication, and toys.

2. Could you lift your pup on your own? If it were to become sick, injured or as your pet ages and can't walk how would you care for it? Too many stairs often create a problem if your pet suffers a loss of mobility due to an injury or age.


Do you have enough room for the dog whether it is an indoor or outdoor dog? If you are getting an "active" breed of dog, large or small make sure there is adequate space for the dog to move around in.


More states are now passing laws banning the chaining of dogs especially to stationary objects.

Others have Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) statutes that cannot be ignored. Also due to BSL some insurance companies will not sell you a homeowners policy if you own what is perceived to be a dangerous breed. Be sure to find out what the laws are in your city and state before adopting any dog or moving to a new city or state.


Behavior issues are one of the leading reasons dogs are surrendered to shelters and pounds.
All dogs should receive a minimum of level one basic obedience training.
Every dog should know the basic commands of: Sit, down, stay and leave it.


If you aren't the type to groom your dog on a daily basis do NOT get a dog with long hair. Allowing your dog to become matted is more then just an eyesore. A matted dog suffers discomfort and real pain. As the matts tighten they pinch and increasingly pull at the skin. Matts also cause skin infections to develop that are concealed by the matts. Save yourself the trouble and your pup the pain and get a short haired dog.

Mutts, Purebred & Hybrids
There are many opinions out there regarding which type of dog is best. There are also a lot of negative opinions about the intentional mixing of two purebred dogs to create a hybrid. Here at CDE I am of the opinion that a dog is a dog. No matter it's lineage it still has the same basic needs of any other dog. So my opinion is that the right choice for any dog owner is to find the dog they want. This will make it much more likely they will never want to give that dog up. And that's what this site is all about.: Rescuing dogs out of the shelter system by adopting from them, and never adding to the existing euthanasia rate by surrendering your pet to a kill shelter.

Puppy or Adult?

Activity Level
Usually high activity level that requires more attention, walks, play sessions. Do not walk a puppy in public until ALL of its shots are completed. Older or elderly dogs often need less walking and shorter play sessions so if you don't have a lot of time to spare a senior dog may be a good choice for you.
Personality &
No guarantee If the dog is at least a year old when you adopt it, one can usually see its personality by observing it. Does it bark a lot? Does it become excited easily or is it calm?
House Breaking Puppies can take anywhere from a few days to several months to house break. The more time and consistency you dedicate to house breaking can dramatically shorten the amount of time the process takes. If adopting a dog that has been fostered you can often be assured that the dog you are taking in is already house broken and will require little to no extra effort when it is integrated into your home.
Training None With any luck your rescue pup will have had some obedience training.
Vet Bills Puppies can often carry worms  Adults may also have worms
Either age may need shots for rabies and vaccinations and may need to be spayed/neutered if not already altered.

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