So You've Decided You Want to Breed Your Dog?

Did you know that each year in the United States an estimated 5 MILLION dogs and cats are killed in our nations animal shelters? Most dogs are put down not because they are bad or vicious, but simply because nobody wanted to give them a home. Many are purebred. And all of them, purebred and mixed breeds would qualify as some of the Cutest Dogs Ever!

Unless you are a professional breeder with a health tested and certified dog proven worthy of bettering its breed...


Each day as thousands of dogs and puppies are put to sleep the puppies you want to create will most likely take the potential homes of dogs that are only days, hours or minutes away from being euthanized by lethal injection in the leg, gassed or killed by a heartstick.

You may think, "That won't happen to any of my puppies," but you can never be certain that the person you give or sell that puppy to will keep, love and protect it forever.

If you're thinking: "But my dog has papers" so it's ok for me to breed. AKC papers do NOT indicate or guarantee a dog to be healthy or sound. All AKC papers do is show that a dog was bred from two registered purebred dogs, both of which could have been of inferior quality from a conformation, temperment or health standpoint. Having a papered dog is often the first step when considering breeding but "papers" should never be misconstrued and used as a clearance to breed.

You can make a difference for the better by simply making the decision not to breed your dog. Instead spay and neuter your pets and become part of the solution.

If you want to experience the miracle of birth, please volunteer to foster a pregnant dog who might otherwise be put down along with her unborn puppies. Just contact your local shelter and rescue groups. One will surely come along that needs your help.

If for any reason you choose not to spay your female dog please visit this link CLICK HERE and read Meridian's very sound advice about all of the precautions you need to take to make sure that your dog doesn't become "accidently" pregnant.

Or if you choose not to alter your male dog please realize the burden is on you to keep your dog safely confined so that it doesn't accidently impregnate your neighbors dog or a stray female in heat.

Whether your dog is a male or female you can take the proper steps to ensure that your intact dog does not become part of the problem.

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