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August, 2009

Recently mom introduced to me her friends Dan and Caroline Winata of Tinywater Photography. They were super nice. I could tell they were dog people because I could smell lots of dogs on them. Mom says their dogs compete in agility and win ribbons and trophies and stuff. They took lots of pictures of me while I was on a walk and they posted them on their blog. You can see more photos they took of me if you CLICK HERE.

Due to my mom taking a lot of time out to help raise awareness about the need for more humans to join the National Bone Marrow Donor Program, it's been a quiet year here at Cutest Dog My Auntie Tami was really sick this year so I've been wearing a "Helping" button on my walking harness since earlier this spring. That's it below.

Click Here to learn more about my Auntie Tami and why mom hopes more people will join the National Marrow Donor Program:

• Registering is free and pain free
• It takes four cotton swabs and a registration form to join the registry
• Donating may cause mild discomfort and is almost pain free
• 6000 Americans are searching for a marrow match each day
• Only 30% will find one in time to have a chance at saving their lives
• 80% of Caucasians will find a match
• Fewer then 30% of minorities and those of mixed ethnicities will find a match
• 70% of patients receive their stem cell or marrow donation from a stranger
• 50% of matches are international where the patient and donor live in different countries

You can help. CLICK HERE to find out how.


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