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Bark in the Park
I won the Costume Contest September 2007, San Jose, CA.

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OMD my mom is freaking out again! Today we went to Bark in the Park, an annual dog lovers event held in Downtown San Jose. On average 3000 dogs attend along with around 12,000 humans. It's like an art and whine festival for dogs with booths selling products and spotlighting pet related services. There is plenty of fun to be had by all including contests, herding, agility and fly ball demonstrations, wading pools and of course lots of butts to sniff and doggies to meet.

So each year we watch the costume contest but have never participated in it. This year mom's friend forced her to enter me in my Dog Whisperer costume. The competition was incredibly tough. Mom honestly didn't even think I would place. She could easily have chosen three other dogs who she thought had amazing costumes. Especially the "Yoda" dog. So imagine her surprise when I won first prize! A years supply, $400 worth, of Canidae dog food! OMD one of my favorite brands!

Mom felt kind of bad for me because I got a little too warm... So she took my costume off as soon as my turn to walk across the stage was over. But after a short break in the shade we spent the rest of the day hanging out at the park and having a great time. After stopping to talk to some friends I pretty much laid myself flat on the ground to let mom know I was ready to go home. But not before she got a funny video shot of me all sprawled out. I really wasn't as tired as I looked. I always lie in the sun in the backyard just to relax and work on my tan. You can view my Bark in the Park video if you CLICK HERE.

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