From Pound Puppy to Dog Costume Celebrity

Kitai's career as a Halloween Costume Model has helped to show the world that there are amazing dogs available at animal local shelters. All deserve a home and a life filled with love! Many will be put to sleep unless someone, maybe you, comes to save them. It's hard for me to imagine a world without Kitai in it. The smiles, love, friendships and laughter he creates are priceless. Thank you for visting his website!

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member of Their Forums are a pawsome resource for learning more about pet care, behavior, legal issues, nutrition and more. Check it out and see for yourself.

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Adopt a Pet!

Their low cost spay and neuter clinic serves the cities of Campbell, Monte Sereno and Santa Clara. Visit their website by CLICKING HERE

This is where mom adopted me from!

Kitai and Mom
Want to learn more about my Couture Dog Costume Designer? (AKA Mom) CLICK HERE to visit her website and learn more about her.

Just for Fun:


Halloween 2012

In 2012 mom saw her first banana slug in the wild. They're quite famous here as they're the mascot for the University of Santa Cruz. She went hiking in a redwood forest just to see them. As soon as she did, she decided I would be one for Halloween this year.

Banana Slug Dog

Slug Dog Costume

Smiling Banana Slug

Halloween 2011

Mom decided I should take an athletic turn for Halloween this year. So in honor of our friend Steve Wozniak she turned me into a shorter, fuzzier version of "The Woz" enjoying one of his favorite hobbies: playing Segway polo. Mom wanted to dress me up as Woz because he's a big dog lover with two little pups of his own. I wonder if they'll ever want to get together and play some polo with me?

CLICK HERE for the Blog Post with a DIY tutorial about how to make a Lhasa Apso sized Segway and more pictures.

Dog Segway Polo Costume

Woz Playing Segway Polo

Kitai as The Woz

Halloween 2010

This year I wore a Monterey Bay themed Sea Otter Halloween dog costume that mom made just for me. Funny detail is that my real tail is the otter's tail so when I move it it looks like an animatronic tail. And it was my dad's idea to have the otter holding an Otter Pop! Also, comfort is key. Notice how mom makes sure I can sit and lie down comfortably in all of my costumes.

CLICK HERE to see more pictures and construction details over on mom's blog.

Monterey Bay Dog Costume

And a little PSA. Want to be certain the seafood you're eating is sustainable? CLICK HERE to order a Seafood Watch pocket guide from the Monterey Bay Aquarium website.

Seafood Watch

Halloween 2009

Mom made me my very own "Chia Pet" Halloween dog costume! You can view more pictures of how she made it on her blog by CLICKING HERE.

The HSSV Fur Ball 2008

Kitai's new pro-neuter costume.

Here's my 2007 Howloween Costume!

I was Pupcorn!

Halloween 2006

Mom made me my very own
Cesar Millan "The Dog Whisperer" costume. BOL! I even had my own pack of dogs that followed me everywhere I went.

Here's how she made it!


Halloween 2005

I was sushi dog! Mom turned me into a giant piece of smoked sake nigiri!

Spider Bait

My very first Halloween costume in 2004 I was eaten by a spider!

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