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Meet my Dogster pal Joey, a Chinese Shar-Pei / American Staffordshire Terrier.

Joey's owner wrote and posted this very heart felt letter
that I just had to share with all of you...

I'm going to make every moment of his life and us together a Kodak moment. Sure, I'm concerned about his health and nutrition, but sometimes we get carried away with the things we think about. We sped hours on the computer or flipping through books looking, studying, and researching about how to prolong life.

We can't really choose how long our dogs are going to live, only a greater power can decide that.

I am going to care for Joey what works best for him and the same goes for Jake, Natasha, Elizabeth, my bunnies, and Todd.

I know the basic fundementals to a having a healthy dog and I even have expertise on my side.

But you don't really get anywhere without love and enjoyment do you?

Have you ever just walked the dog simply for the joy and exhiliration of it? Or do you just walk the dog complexly thinking about how his muscles are working and you wonder how much longer his life span is?

Enjoy life. Enjoy your dog.

Because your dog will never live long, no matter how you care for it, without simple love.

Simply because we have the amazing privilege of being able to have one in our lives.

Long live your dog.

I played fetch with Joey this evening and watched him jump up to catch the ball, toungue lolling, panting happily. As he brought the ball back, I remained silent, eyes closed, listening to his breathing, feeling his life energy. Then I opened my eyes and looked at every single prickly hair folicle and realized that each hair was a living thing in its own.

Then I looked at his face, he had a happy expression. I can have expressions too. We both have bones, organs, muscle, and energy. We are the same. I am he and he is I.

We're on this Earth to give companionship and a sense of meaning to one another. forever.

He will let me know if I am not doing something right. I will know before it shows, because I can feel it first.

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