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More Dog Who Love their Crates

Most dogs learn to consider their crate their own little sanctuary, or like my pal Dickens so perfectly described: His crate is like his own little apartment. Take a peek at these pictures of many of my pals who love their crates so much they often choose to go in and hang out in them even when they don't have to.

You can tell, since the doors are open, the pups are sleeping and snoozing in them by choice. A couple even pull the door shut behind them!

Zoe and Roxi
Murphy Snoozing Belly Up

Chloe's Duplex Crate

Dickens Loves his Crate

Pugsley Just Hanging Out

Brady Having a Little "Me" Time

Roswell is so content in his crate!

Mom you goofball. Get out of our crate!

Gunner content in his crate.

How could I not love it here?

Dulce and Friskie her kitty!

Jazz Taking a lil' Nap

Diva having sweet dreams.

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