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Welcome to Stacie

I'm a national travel and lifestyle blogger, web designer and developer, social media consultant, graphic designer, photographer, and artist. My passion? I love working with small businss owners. Having been one myself since 1997 I am keenly aware of the challenges you may face on a daily basis: Too much to do, not enough time in the day, and (for some) a limited marketing budget. That's why I offer unique, custom designed websites, create whimsical branding graphics, and offer website updates charged per minute, not with an hourly minimum. I also offer discounted rates the more hours of consulting you book.

If there's anything I can do to help you market, brand, rebrand, or further develop your small business please don't hesitate to contact me!

Custom Web Design

Miniature Origami Cranes
Tiny Cranes
1000 Miniature Origami Cranes
Creating world peace one tiny crane at a time.

Welcome Portfolio Inspiration

Marrow Drives
Janet Get Swabbed!

Because time is crucial following a diagnosis, this site is to help patients and their loved ones learn how to quickly and effectively launch a bone marrow or stem cell donor drive. Click Here to learn more. . .

Kitai the Cutest Dog Ever

Cutest Dog

Meet Kitai... A shelter dog living a fabulous new life! From pound puppy to real life celebrity (in certain small circles). Kitai's new career is to convince people to adopt their next pet from a shelter.

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Helping Tami
After being diagnosed with a blood cancer similar to leukemia, my cousin Tami found her marrow match, received her transplant, and continues to recover. If you're a match you can save a life by donating your stem cells or marrow to a patient in need. Testing is pain free and donating almost is. Click Here

Stacie and Tami

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